Course Description


If you are a director or producer or working any department that is not called the camera department, or if you plan to be working with professional cinematographers, understanding their art and craft is essential to making you better at your job.


In this seminar, Steven Bernstein will look at the fundamentals of the use of the camera and lights so that you will understand how things like camera movement can best be utilized, what equipment has an impact on the look of the film, including things like cranes and dollies and how they can be used. You will also look at lenses and how different focal lengths effect audience's perception and understanding of what they are seeing.  He will talk about how to block a scene so that you have a fundamental understanding of what is necessary for the editor in the editing room and what creative impact those choices have on a film.  He will talk about lighting and how different styles of lighting can be employed and how they will impact other things to do with the film including the time necessary for set ups, the facilitation of actors, and the cost to production. There will be a great emphasis on the creative elements of cinematography, and how composition might be used to create meanings and emotional responses.  He will talk about how lighting can do the same things and even the selection of filters and lenses. Whereas this course will not make you a cinematographer, it will certainly teach you how to use many of the principles of cinematography to make you a better filmmaker.


available from August 15th 

Online $69 (if you pay before July 30th)

Sign up before July 30th for a special discounted price and be entered into a raffle to win a 4 hour private consultation with Steven Bernstein on any project or script or film you want to discuss.


available from August 15th 

Online $78 (if you pay after July 30th)

$69 tuition if you pay before July 30th or $78 if you pay after July 30th. 6 hour seminar (online- can be viewed anywhere in the world at any time after August 15th)


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