We are offering special online film seminars taught by an American Society of Cinematographers, Directors Guild of America, and British Association of Film and Television Arts, multi award-winning filmmaker, Steven Bernstein. There will also be a limited number of tickets available for those who want to attend the seminar in person in Santa Monica, CA.

These unique seminars will only be available once this year and this is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to hear the legendary lecturer Steven Bernstein.  Steven has written, produced and directed multimillion-dollar feature films and shot award-winning films as a cinematographer, including the Oscar-winning Monster, as well as big studio action films like Murder at 1600, and comedies like The Waterboy and White Chicks.

Mr. Bernstein also literally wrote the book on film production, the best-selling Film Production, which has been used at institutions and universities around the world.

Mr. Bernstein is an ASC nominee for his work on Magic City and he won the Sloan Award for his film Decoding Annie Parker which he wrote and directed.

What makes these lectures special is not only the breadth of Steven Bernstein's experience, but his genius as a lecturer. He has spoken all around the world and students and attendees universally agree there is no one quite like him for clarity, excitement, and humor. The lectures are a lot of fun.  You won't forget your experience if you watch one or all of these special seminars.


But as delightful as the lectures are they shouldn’t diminish the recognition of just how much Mr. Bernstein knows. Consider this; as a director he has directed some of the finest actors in the world, all drawn by the quality of his unique writing ability, including:











































Chloe Grace Moretz

Paz Vega

Omar Sharif

Cathy Bates

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Terry Crews

Alan Alda

Wesley Snipes

Peter Bogdanovich

Simon Baker

Laurence Fishburne

James Cromwell

Kevin Pollak

Emmanuelle Chrique

Kerry Washington

Tracy Morgan

Danny Huston




Seminars can be viewed online from anywhere in the world or live in person to a limited number of attendees.

All in person live seminars will take place at:

The Edgemar Center for the Arts, 2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Once you register for an online seminar you will be contacted via email with log in details for the seminar.


John Malkovich (Oscar nominee)

Helen Hunt (Oscar winner)

Samantha Morton (two time Oscar nominee)

Aaron Paul (Emmy winner)

Richard Shiff (Emmy winner)

Bradley Whitford (Emmy Winner)

Tony Hale (Emmy Winner)

Rhys Ifans (British Academy and Television Film Award winner)

Rodrigo Santoro (Screen Actor’s Guild nominee)

Romola Garai (two-time Golden Globe nominee)

Rashida Jones (Emmy nominee)

Alice Eve

Zosia Mamet

Maggie Grace

Ben McKenzie

And he has worked with these actors on other film projects:


Charlize Theron 

Jeffery Dean Morgan

Olga Kurylenko

Christina Ricci

Bruce Dern

Sarah Silverman

Jon Favreau

Joe Mantegna

Denis Leary

Annabella Sciorra

Marlon Brando

James Caan

Brigitte Fonda

Diane Lane

Dave Chappelle

James Woods

Peter O'Toole

And this is only a partial list.



Steven Bernstein is also a successful screenwriter and has been particularly busy the last few years with five feature films and a television series pilot commissioned from him.

He has a unique approach to writing screenplays, but he also brings a lot else to the table because of his expertise in so many areas of filmmaking. With over 30 years of working in the film industry on nearly 100 feature films, television pilots and series as well as many commercials and promotional films he has learned what works in a screenplay, what will draw actors and how to integrate visual elements with the written word.


Steven directed the multi-award winning Decoding Annie Parker starring Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton and Aaron Paul, which he also wrote and produced. He also directed the soon to be released Dominion which he also wrote and directed, starring John Malkovich. Steven starts shooting his new film Last Resort later this year and his TV series Althea and Angela next year. He has directed and produced many commercials and music videos.


Steven worked as a cinematographer for over thirty years. He was nominated for American Society of Cinematography award for his work on the series Magic City and has won or been nominated many times for his work on feature films, TV shows, commercials and music videos. He shot the Oscar-winning Monster, the early films of Noah Baumbach, big studio action films with both the first and second unit and some of the most successful comedies of all time.

The best online film seminars in the world?

Finally, seminars from a real feature filmmaker, who is a successful writer, director, cinematographer and producer.

For one time only this year in June and July.

Rarely are seminars offered by real feature filmmakers, which makes this unique.



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