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Course Description


If you are a stills photographer and you have been using your digital camera principally for photographs or short movies, and you want to move up to real cinematography, this seminar is a great opportunity for you.


Mr. Bernstein explains the difference between lighting a stationary image and a moving one or when the camera is moving. He will talk about how lighting schemes can be devised that seem complicated but are quite simple to execute.  He will talk about the different types of professional fixtures that are available and how you can easily employ them.


Steven will also help you understand how the camera can be moved, and the impact that has on an audience.  He will talk about the different types of camera mounts that can be employed to create a professional move, be it a crane or a Dolly.  He will talk about how to block a scene to make sure you get the coverage you need to create the scene you desire in the editing room.  He will talk about professional procedures so you know your way around a feature film set and how you might come to work there.  We will talk about how the cinematographer integrates with the other departments and how best to work with the director and an editor.


All this and much more.  If you want to move up from a background in stills or amateur digital work this is your opportunity to start learning a new and more advanced skillset with a cinematographer who has had considerable success in feature film and television and is also now a successful writer, director, and skilled lecturer.


available from August 15th

Online $59 (if you pay before July 30th)

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available from August 15th

Online $68 (if you pay after July 30th)