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Course Description

Mr. Bernstein teaches actors performance techniques that work on film. Experienced stage actors will gain an understanding of the technology behind film. Key lights, backlights and sidelights, marks, special effects and green screen will be discussed.

Actors will experience how different lenses and camera effects will alter their appearance or performance. Such concepts as eye line and “cheating looks” will be covered, as well as how to get the camera to focus on the actor and help the actor give a better performance.

The seminar will explore the different roles of the crew with whom the actor will inevitably interact; including the line producer, the production manager, the 2nd asst. director, the camera operator, the sound recordist... as well as, departments like costume, make-up and hair.

Actors will come to understand how editing can affect their performance and which ‘take’ is the right one and how to help get it in the film. The important relationship between the director and the actor will be examined, including what a director wants from every actor, what they don’t want, how to get the most out of a director, how to best understand the real meanings of notes and adjustments.  

Actors will come to understand the processes of the who, how and when of re-takes, and how it’s not always important to get every part right, and sometimes it’s best to get parts wrong. 

The seminar will include an overview of the shooting day from beginning to end and what is expected of the actor, and pretty much everything else including where to go between scenes, problems with hair or costume and how to deal with them, and the importance of working with the production from helping transport get you to set, to how best to read a call sheet.



available to view from August 15th

Online $38 (if you pay before July 30th)

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available to view from August 15th

Online $45 (if you pay after July 30th)