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Course Description


Film uses more than one language. The written language of the script, sure, but what about the visual language of the camera? Mr. Bernstein conjectures that you can't write a script if you don't know how the visual language works on an audience and how the writer must reference and employ it.

Crane or zoom? Push in or track in? Will this crowd shot make this film impossible to do for the budget? Would changing the composition be more effective than rewriting a scene? Are you allowed to reference shots? How best to describe a sequence in a script, is it better to show or have a character tell, and, why? And much more. 

The writer who is familiar with the professional film and television production environment has a huge advantage. Participants will learn to speak the language of the director and to understand the impact of how the script is written, in terms of time and money. Mr. Bernstein will discuss all the specialized language used in film and explain how directors use the camera and lighting to tell the story. He will also look at things like how camera movements and compositions can affect audience perception of a character.

Writers will come to understand the complexities of filming different types of scenes; which things are difficult to deal with and how actors, directors, and crew interpret a script as well as the importance of timing and continuity.  He will touch on the things that scare producers/investors in a script and might stop yours from getting made.

Finally, he will take an entirely new slant on how to write a script which will make anyone watching a better and faster writer. This seminar is invaluable to anyone wishing to write for the screen.      


available from August 15th

Online $89 (if you pay before July 30th)

THE FILM SET FOR THE SCREENWRITER - the technical aspects of film making for the screenwriter

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available from August 15th

Online $99 (if you pay after July 30th)